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I love consuming good content, but I love making it even more.

I've written copy for social media posts, blog posts, UX/UI microcopy, scripts, and long-form advertorial pieces for several brands and companies.

The target audience and the brand's objectives are at the centre of my approach to content creation, which allows me to create deliberate, meaningful and relatable content that hits different.  


UX/UI writing, copywriting


I wrote DealSwap's onboarding UX copy for their landing pages, as well as a script for an explainer video. 

Inspired by the sharing economy, DealSwap is a marketplace where sales professionals can swap their less relevant leads for vital sales info. 

I managed's Twitter and LinkedIn pages, growing engagement, impressions and followers within two weeks after I began. 

I also helped the team with all of their copy needs, from presentations, ad scripts for sponsorships, job listings and more. 


I also helped the team with podcasting and influencer partnerships and link building efforts. 

Social media, content, partnerships


I write creative, long-form advertorial content for IMGN Media and their clients. 

IMGN Media

Creative content writing


As a video editor and content creator, it was my responsibility to oversee the production of social media campaigns for the IDF social media pages in English, French and Spanish. I edited scripts, organized logistics, filmed, edited and wrote captions for social media campaigns. Click here to see some examples of my work. 


Video editing, social media content creation 


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